National Business Conference


National Business Conference – Premiere Presence

On the 9th–11th September 2018, Business Botswana in collaboration with the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry will host the National Business Conference to identify economic paths to move Botswana from an upper middle income to a high-income economy in line with Vision 2036.

The NBC will also define and prescribe the role of the private sector in helping Botswana make the transition to high income. The 18-year journey will be mapped out, with subsequent conference themes expected to focus on monitoring and evaluation of established work streams to accelerate economic growth. The theme of the conference is “BREAKTHROUGH TO A HIGH-INCOME BOTSWANA – The Role of the Private Sector in Charting the Path”

Therefore, the 2018 National Business Conference seeks to identify paths for Botswana to make the economic leap from an upper middle income to a high-income economy by 2036 in line with Vision 2036. To ensure inclusiveness, the economy would also be characterised by high disposable income for households.

In keeping with tradition, His Excellency the President, Mokgweetsi E K Masisi will open the Conference on September 10, 2018. Also, in keeping with tradition of the NBC is the proposed official closing by the Honourable Minister of Trade and Industry, Bogolo Kenewendo.

Premiere, being the Event Coordinators, will be right there in the forefront at the Adonsonia Hotel Francistown with Business Botswana , so come and visit us at the exhibitors stands to find out more.

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