Premiere utilises Behaviour and Aptitude Tests, Emotional intelligence and Cognitive Processes, and Psychometric Assessment.

Performance Measurement and Psychometric Testing

Performance Measurement can be achieved in many different ways and Premiere has in the last few years introduced Psychometric testing to its already established Skills Assessment services. Psychometrics are often used for both Organisational Development purposes – for example to see if existing or future staff have the ‘right’ competencies to meet the current and future needs of the organisation. Premiere’s range of psychometric tests includes the use of:

Computer or Paper-Based Assessment

We utilise a multi-purpose tool used in recruitment, development, training and succession planning. It can be customized to each company’s specific roles and requirements, is also applicable to almost every position in a company

Career Path Analysis

An intensive one on one metodology generally used for senior management positions to assess competencies and future development.

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