Human Capital Consulting

Whether your business is experiencing growing pains, restructuring or gearing up for a merger, Human Capital Consulting is a concept that is at the forefront of Premiere’s approach and our consulting can provide tried-and-true guidance that will set your business up for success. We offer a wide array of services and support options that can be tailored to fit the unique needs of your business.

Premiere also specialises in Human Resource Consulting, where we are more focussed on non-living and strategic factors like plans, strategies, model, technological advancements and other similar factors, but when it comes to Human Capital Consulting, we become more focused on the human factor that is involved in the process. We focus on the labour involved, the development of their skills, finance operation, employee engagement and other factors that speak to the development and maintenance of the "Human".

Factors involved:

  • Attract and select staff
  • Deploy and redeploy staff
  • Development of existing staff
  • Performance and Conduct
  • Rewards and Benefits
  • Retention and release

Essentially, company staff are actually Capital (asset) to the organisation and HR Consulting has transformed from handling the employee as a resource to enhancing the capability of the employee and treating them as an asset, providing all necessary benefits and services in retaining and providing them the scalability in the Organisation.

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