Organisational Development

Premiere believes Organisational Development is more than just developing the staff. It refers to a process that intervenes change but it does not just relate to change from a people perspective, it also involves developing processes, systems and structures of an organisation. Premiere’s process of Organisational Development is as a systematic approach to improving Organisational effectiveness.

In order for an Organisation to develop each function these factors must be aligned: –

  • Processes
  • People
  • Strategy

With this in mind what needs to be at the centre of each organisation is its Mission and Values which will allow the business to know its direction, what the organisation stands for, what type of people it requires and the required processes or tools to develop this mission/direction.

With identifying the centre piece of the organisation the ongoing systematic process of developing each function will evolve. This would include the culture, the strategy & goals, the organisation structure, the systems and leadership it needs.

As mentioned Organisational Development is much more complex than developing and training staff. While the staff are part of the process, there are a lot more parts of the process that need to be continuously developed for an organisation to grow and succeed effectively.

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